Embroidered Song Book

Title Page of Embroidered Songbook


This songbook was commissioned in Augsburg for the marriage of Charles V in Bologna in 1530. There are four books in the set. One for each of the voices of the song. The one illustrated to the right is the title page for the Counter Tenor part.

Materials Used

  • Linen ground
  • black silk thread
  • gold thread (couched)

Stitches and Techniques

The piece is worked in two main ways. The frames and titles are couched goldwork and cross-stitch in black silk. The notes and text of the songs is completed in satin and running stitches.


Each "sheet" of the book contains a double layer of linen. These are then joined around the edges with stitching. The books measure 14cm x 19cm each.

Sources for Further Information

  • Schuette, Marie and Muller-Christensen, Sigrid, The Art of Embroidery, (London: Thames and Hudson, 1964)

Page of Embroidered Songbook, 16th Century