Persian Kamis, 14th Century

14th Century Persian Kamis, embroidered with
black silk using chain and running stitches


The dress is constructed of rectangular and triangular segments, the latter set into the sides to give the garment volume. The sleeves are attached at the shoulder, and become narrower towards the wrist.

The waist is accentuated by pleats underneath the sleeves. A flap covers the area of the collar which is still in unopened condition. It was most likely produced in the eastern Persian world.

Height 130 cm (51 ins.), width 219 cm (86 ¼ ins.)

Stitches and Techniques


Each segment is decorated with a sequence of motifs com prising a flowering tree with a root out of which grow leafy branches, flanked on either side by a long-tailed bird perched on a branch with its wings outstretched.


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Detail of Motif