Mammen Finds

Reconstruction of the clothing found at Mammen. Placement
of the embroidery is speculative.


The so called Mammen finds date from the late 10th Century. The main find was the grave of what appears to be a high ranking man. He was dressed in several layers of woollen fabric (2/1 twill), most of which was decorated in some way.

The fragments contained several motifs worked in stem stitch. It is impossible to tell the original colours of the fabrics and the threads used to embroider them, as they are all now a dark brown colour (altered by elements in the soil in which they were found). However, it is possible that they were once brightly coloured.

Stitches and Techniques


There are several distinct motifs found at Mammen. These include the following:

  • Acanthus Vine
  • Small Faces
  • Leopard
  • Large Faces and Hands
  • Tree and Paired Beasts
  • Birds

Acanthus Vine

acanthus vine line drawing

Small Faces

Large Faces and Hands



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