Dalmatic of The Göss Vestments

Image: Dalmatic of the Goss Vestments

The Dalmatic of the Göss Vestments


The dalmatic makes up part of the Göss Vestments.

Materials Used

  • Linen ground
  • coloured silk thread (blue,yellow, green, rust light brown, white, red)

Stitches and Techniques

The piece is worked in a variety of stitches, including brick stitch, what appears to be a form of counted stem stitch and long-armed cross stitch.


The designs on the dalmatic includes the Annunciation in a circle at the neck is cut in half and the silk lost. The background is patterned with squares containing various quadrapeds, birds and mythical beasts, all within borders of angular ornament. Symbols of the Evangelists, the eagle and calf are complete, the lion is partial and the symbol of St Matthew is completely gone. The sleeves are cut and patched.

The ground colours of the squares alternate between blue, red, green, yellow and violet.

The cope is 122cm by 140cm.

Sources for Further Information

  • Schuette, Marie and Muller-Christensen, Sigrid, The Art of Embroidery, (London: Thames and Hudson, 1964)
Detail of dalmatic, showing animal

Detail of dalmatic, showing animal