Almoravid Fragment


Berber dynasty 1056–1147 founded by the prophet Abdullah ibn Tashfin, ruling much of Morocco and Spain in the 11th–12th centuries. The Almoravids came from the Sahara and in the 11th century began laying the foundations of an empire covering the whole of Morocco and parts of Algeria; their capital was the newly founded Marrakesh. In 1086 they defeated Alfonso VI of Castile to gain much of Spain. They were later overthrown by the Almohads.

This fragment lines the “Reliquary of Saint Isidore” which is housed in the Real Colegiata de San Isidoro, León in Spain.

Almoravid Fragment


Almoravid Fragment Detail

Stitches and Techniques




Sources for Further Information

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Panel of Four Animals

Almoravid Fragment

Close Up of Bird

Almoravid Fragment Close Detail